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This newsletter gives you a way to put words to your own experiences of chronic illness and creativity. If you don’t live with chronic illness it will help you understand what it means for others to live with limitations in an ableist world.

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Every second Wednesday you get an article where I share:

  • The ups and downs, struggles, insights, breakthroughs on living with a chronic illness

  • How I navigate creative while living with severe limitations

  • Writings on feminist and anti-ableist personal-development — which counters wellness culture’s incessant focus on the individual and instead looks at the systemic biases and power imbalances that prolong illness and cause stigma and trauma

You can read all previous articles here.

Every other second Wednesday you get a meditation to help you navigate trauma and chronic illness or to simply have more well-being. You can see all meditations here.

As I live with a severe energy-limiting illness (ME/CFS) I may need to take longer breaks here and there, usually in December, April and August, but I’ll let you know.

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  • Someone living with a chronic illness and want to feel heard and empowered to move out of shame and understand the systemic forces at play that keep us down

  • Someone who knows someone with a chronic illness and want to learn more about what it means to live with a chronic illness and to understand the ableist systems that sick and disabled people are up against.

  • Want a supportive community, inspiration and techniques to help you navigate chronic illness and trauma.

Hi, I’m Madelleine

Madelleine Muller bedbound by severe ME/CFS

I am a Danish writer and musician who grew up in East and Southern Africa, graduated from School of Oriental and African Studies in 2004 and received my Masters in International Development from Roskilde in 2007. I have been ill with ME (more commonly known as ME/CFS) and POTS since 2011 and mostly bedbound since 2017. You can read more about what it’s like to live with severe ME here. My essays about the (lack of) treatment of ME patients, the sexism and stigma of ME, how doctors dismiss and ridicule patients, and patients’ rights to participate in decision-making about their own bodies, have been published in Danish national newspapers. 

I am currently (when illness allows) working on a memoir and recording my album from bed and my reclinable wheelchair. 

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Words and meditations about navigating chronic illness and creativity from a feminist and anti-ableist perspective.


Writer, musician, thinker, intersectional feminist, and mostly bedbound due to severe ME/CFS. I write and create meditations to help you navigate chronic illness and trauma.